I am a journalism major working on my Bachelor’s degree.  I am obsessed with the news, and becoming a successful journalist.  While I do have political views and strong opinions, when it comes to being a journalist, I check those aspects of myself at the door.  This blog is part of a class I am currently taking and should my following indicate it, I will continue the blog long after my semester is over.  None of the topics posted on this blog will be chosen through any specific viewpoint, other than the stated purpose of the blog.  I am not out to bash news organizations because they appear liberal, or conservative.  This is simply, news about the news.

The idea behind this blog, is to educate myself and others about events happening within the news industry.  Most of these posts will contain a summary of the information I have obtained, followed by my interpretation of it, or my opinion.  Feel free to post responses, even if you disagree with what I’ve said.  Dialogue, I believe is an important step in improving general knowledge, and broadens what can sometimes be a myopic view of the world.


  1. Thanks for the well wishes John, much appreciated!

  2. I wish you success in your career. We need more journalist that will “check” their views and just do some good ol’ fashion investigative reporting.

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